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Why Jazz Style

Jazz style, not just music but a style, a new philosophy of welcome we want to send you to make your stay in Rome, whether it is a vacation or a business trip, in an emotional experience determined not only by the beauties of the eternal city , but also and especially from the moments of relaxation to spend in our structure.

"Do not play what's there ... it sounds what's not there ..." (Miles Davis)

This thought expresses the deepest essence of Jazz philosophy, based on the ability to go beyond conventional schemes, to give free expression to the creative communication enclosed within us, very often we are not used to getting out because they are too distracted or locked in our certainties . Jazz Style wants to stimulate your sensitivity by inviting you to re-establish deep contact with yourself by offering you a structure that is out of the conventional, fully flexible and pliable format according to everyone's needs.

Our rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and are equipped with a wellness shower cabin with chromotherapy, radio with relaxing music selection, to make the shower not only a "wash" action, but a moment of psycho-physical refreshment.

What to say about our room The Pianist Suite, where to let yourself comfortably go to two in the hot tub in real moments of relaxation.

If in any facility you are accustomed to undergoing obligations and schedules for breakfast, to go out, to enter or to know what, you will find us an unconventional formula, completely free and respectful of everybody's needs, where we invite you to join to a simple and simple rule:


Recalling that
"The border to one's own freedom ends when the freedom of others is invaded"
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Via Fidene 19 - Roma 00183 - Piva/C.F.  11964751009


Autorizzazione Comune di Roma

 SCIA Protocollo QA/2013/5681

 Codice CISE - Regione Lazio

             ID: 11863


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